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Roderick Davie

Roderick Davie
Murdered by the State of Ohio on August 10, 2010

DOB: 10/3/71
Race: B
County: Trumbull

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Tribune Chronicle
When he was young, Roderick Davie was stung on his backside by a hornet after he disturbed a nest while pruning some bushes in front of his house on Maple Street.
"I told him to put some toothpaste on it to take the stinger out. He did, and he was back at it a little while later," Eugene Dawson said.
Dawson was among about eight families from Maple Street who gathered Tuesday at Tod's Crossing for a candlelight vigil for Davie, 38, who was executed Tuesday by lethal injection for the murders of John Coleman and Tracey Jefferys and the attempted murder of John Everett in 1991.
Dawson, who has lived on Maple Street for nearly 50 years, said the Davies were good neighbors and a good family, and he is not sure how Roderick's life got so off track.
Most of the people in attendance at Tuesday's vigil knew Davie, but they also prayed for the families of Coleman, Jefferys and Everett.
"I have known the Davies all their lives. This situation was tragic for them as well as for the families of his victims," said Maggie Raimey, president of the Tod's Crossing tenant association.
The Rev. David Grant of the Church of God and True Holiness in Cleveland said he did not know the families, but he loves to pray and came to the vigil because 6th Ward Councilwoman Cheryl Saffold invited him.
"The whole community suffers when a tragedy like this occurs. So we need to pray for the community to heal," Grant said.
The Rev. Ben Hurt of Greater Apostolic Faith Church on Tod Avenue N.W. said the community needs to pour out love on all the families.
"We are living in a generation that has turned away from God. If we pray together, God will change things," Hurt said.
Saffold said Davie was her neighbor as a child and Coleman was a close friend.
"This tragedy was personal for me, but I believe love permeates all tragedy," Saffold said.
Warren Safety-Service Director Doug Franklin said Coleman helped raise him and was a mentor to him.
"His family is hurting today along with Davie's family," Franklin said.



Pool reporters describe the execution of Roderick Davie.

Comments from Randy Coleman, brother of one of Davie’s murder victims, who witnessed Tuesday’s execution:

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