Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reginald Brooks

Murdered by the State of Ohio on Nov. 15, 2011

Reginald Brooks

DOB: 3/20/45
County; Cuyahoga
Clemency Report
Some of the reasons for clemency were;
• Everyone agrees that Reginald suffered from schizophrenia before, during, and after murders:

• He also suffers from paranoia and believed his wife and co-workers tried to poison him, accused his wife of having an incestuous relationship with their oldest son, believed in voodoo and mutilated dolls, and refused to allow his oldest son to display athletic trophies and was under severe stress.

• In addition, Reginald suffered from psychogenic amnesia and was unable supply some important information to his lawyer.

• Reginald’s lawyers did not thoroughly interview family members, friends or mental health experts who could have provided additional information about his mental state.

• Reginald Brooks has been on Ohio’s Death Row since 1984. Clearly he can safely kept away from society.

We deeply sympathize with family and friends of the Brooks children, but we respectfully offer that another death will neither heal nor resolve this tragedy.


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