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Malik Allah U Akbar (AKA Odraye Jones)

Malik Allah U Akbar # A 358112
Also known as; Odraye Jones , Odraye El-Amin
P. O. Box 5500
15802 State Route 104 North
Chillicothe, OH 45601 

DOB: 9/21/76
County;   Ashtabula

I seek a mutually satisfying relationship dynamic, with an emotionally mature woman; one who strives to be the best her that she can be. One of the principles I live by is: There’s a proper relationship between all persons/places/things in the world. For example, Superman can’t thrive in close proximity to Kryptonite. One the other hand, some connections are destined, and it’s all good. I seek that symmetry. Most urgently, my aim is to reverse this false imprisonment. Let me know something.

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This case contains many of the issues that should not lead to execution. The appeal system is not the safety net against wrongful conviction/execution that many think it is, some points to consider are;

  • This was a tragic yet high profile case with the death of a police officer, a change of venue was denied.

  • Eyewitness testimony, which surely played a great part in obtaining a conviction, changed from the police interview to trial testimony.

Teresa Taylor, the only eyewitness, specifically stated to the police that the “shooter’ was wearing a “tan and green” or “tan jacket/ coat no fewer than 13 times during the initial police interview; yet at trial she changed her testimony to state that the shooter had on a green jacket with a ‘G’ on it. (At trial was also the first time she had mentioned or referred to this jacket as having a ‘G’ on it.)

Three suspects were questioned on the day of the shooting. Anthony Barksdale was wearing a tan jacket with dark sleeves, Jimmie Ruth was wearing a Dallas Cowboys jacket, and Odraye Jones was wearing a Green Bay Packers jacket. None of these jackets are similar in appearance.  Anthony Barksdale, who was wearing the tan jacket and described as the shooter by the eye witness was the person who implicated Odraye during a polygraph. It would not be hard to imagine the reasoning behind this to be a self serving one.

How did the only eyewitness to the shooting, who initially provided a description of the shooter that implicated another suspect (Anthony Barksdale in the tan jacket with dark sleeves) dramatically, shift her description to Odraye Jones in the Green Bay jacket?
Detective Brown believed Odraye Jones to be guilty of the shooting, and while there is no direct evidence of anyone coaching the eyewitness prior to trial, his investigative narrative reads as; "Teresa is very likely a "key witness" whose recollection is full of obvious facts. She needs to be worked with from the transcript to better interpret the placement of people and their individual actions in the time frame that she made her personal observations."

Eyewitness statement of Teresa Taylor at police interview. (Prior to trial)

Eyewitness statement of Teresa Taylor at trial.

  • Ineffective Trial Assistance.

Ineffective trial assistance is a huge hurdle to overcome upon appeal yet a common issue.

Anthony Barksdale in the tan jacket.

Jimmie Ruth, Dallas Cowboys jacket.

Odraye Jones, Green Bay Packers jacket.


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