Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kenneth Smith

Scheduled Execution Date; July 19, 2011/Stayed

Kenneth Smith # 326630 
Corrections Medical Center  
1990 Harmon Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43223  

DOB: 11/13/65
County; Butler
Clemency Report for Kenneth Smith

Some of the reasons to ask for clemency were;

- Kenneth, as a child, lived in a horrific, violent and dysfunctional environment. This evidence was available at the time of trial but was neither investigated nor presented to the jury. As a result, the courts reviewing his case on appeal have never heard this evidence in order to determine if Mr. Smith’s death sentence was appropriate.

- Kenneth’s co-defendant, his brother Randy, has the same background and history. Kenneth and Randy were tried by separate juries. Randy received a life sentence while Kenneth was sentenced to death.

- During incarceration, Kenneth was diagnosed with stage three laryngeal cancer. He underwent extensive surgery and can only speak with the aid of an artificial device implanted in his throat. He must rely on the use of a suction machine to keep from choking on his saliva and to clear out the valve in his neck. He must sleep in an elevated hospital bed as his condition does not allow him to lie flat without suffering from choking and drowning sensations.


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