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Jason Getsy *

Jason Getsy

Murdered by the State of Ohio on August 18, 2009

Ohio executes triggerman in 1995 scheme
(This seems to be the most comprehensive article.)

Words from court reporters and victim witnesses Charles and Nancy Serafino regarding the execution.

(Administrative note; It is not my intention to take anything away from the victims family, nor compound the anguish of Jason's family, yet media rarely mentions the effect and suffering that an execution has on the inmates family that I thought this clip should be included.)


Clemency Report

Ohio Parole Board with seven (7) members participating, by a vote of five (5) to two (2) recommends to the Honorable Ted Strickland, Governor of the State of Ohio, that executive clemency be GRANTED in the form of a Commutation to Life without the possibility of parole for Jason A. Getsy #A330-121.

The following factors were said to be pivotal to the majority’s recommendation for executive clemency:

1. Four defendants participated in the offense. Mr. Santine, the person who organized the murder plan, exerted considerable influence over the co-defendants. It is noteworthy that at Mr. Getsy’s trial, the state minimized Mr. Santine’s influence; at John Santine’s trial, it was the state’s primary theory of guilt – his influence over the other defendants. It is clear that neither Hudach, McNulty, nor Getsy would have engaged in the behavior that led to the tragic death of Ann Serafino in the absence of John Santine’s direction.
2. More than one justice (judge) has assigned Mr. Santine a greater level of culpability than Mr. Getsy.
3. John Santine was acquitted of hiring Mr. Getsy, yet then, 19 year-old Getsy was convicted of being hired by Santine.
4. Mr. Gesty’s original jury was limited in their ability to consider Getsy’s psychological history and any influence it may have had upon his decision to comply with the direction of Mr. Santine.
5. Mr. Getsy has continuously expressed remorse for the victims and their family and has an excellent institutional adjustment, and would likely do well in general population.
6. In imposing a death sentence, it is imperative that we have consistency and similar penalties imposed upon similarly situated co-defendants.
[Ben Hudach: 20 years to life, Richard McNulty; 30 years to life, John Santine: 20 years to life, Jason Getsy: Death by lethal injection August 18, 2009]
7. After careful consideration of all facts, the majority of the Ohio Parole Board recommends that Executive Clemency is warranted in this case

Argued; Dec. 6. 2005
Decided and Filed; Aug. 2, 2006

Argued; Mar. 7, 2007
Decided and Filed; July 25, 2007


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