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Gregory Esparza

Gregory Esparza #  A 179450
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road 
Youngstown, OH 44505

DOB: 2/4/63
County;  Lucas

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Poem "Bella"

Updated message from Gregory  3/1/17

To My Blog Visitors,
I'm writing this to inform those of you who might visit my blog page, that on 2/28/17 at 3:00 in the morning men in army fatigue, got me out of my cell in an isolated part of Chillicothe prison, chained me, and drove me to Supermax Prison in Youngstown Ohio, a special prison that houses the worst of the worst as the saying goes or they claim. 
The reason that they claim; They said I was a security threat to Chillicothe prison , which was trumped up. 
I was on a hunger strike for 22 days, which ended yesterday. In moments your only voice is your body. I say it was hard, so I won't ever recommend it to anyone, unless your voice is silent.
I won't go into full details, but I got into a situation that I won't say I regret, as it was still true to my heart and always will be, but I have to move on and now fight for my life.
I will be here at Youngstown at least a year, and it's ok as I will come out much wiser, bigger, better and not bitter. When life tosses ya a curve ball ya still swing the bat. In time ya will hit a home run or two.
I say to anyone ; Live on your feet or die on your knees. I'm one horse who will never allow a saddle to be placed on my back and be rode. I will say standing up to power and truth wont always be easy, but to be silent is worse. So those who are seeing my words-I ask for prayers, letters, or perhaps  you all know;  You all have the ability if you belief in yourself. Don't ever accept NO.
In Peace 
Greg Esparza #A179450

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Seeking friendship and support.

I write this open letter in hope someone will listen to my plight, struggle and story. 

I’m fighting for truth, justice and freedom and mostly my life. I came to death row at the age of 21, my journey has been long and hard, but all I plead for is someone who will write, listen, or be part of my fight.  

What I’m in search of is help from those around the world, or in the States, who will be a friend. I have no fear if I'm executed, as I trust in faith, regardless of my outcome. I won't proclaim I was an Angel, as I have a past. I grew up poor, in orphanages, foster homes and prisons as a youth. 

Though I have a history that wasn't kind, I am innocent of murder. I have issues that can show my truth but it is a struggle, the appeal system is not the safety net many people think it is. I don't write out of pity but I only ask for a chance.

I look for those who have concern for truth or justice. I thank you for your time and I wish you all who read this a blessed life.

Peace to you all.
Greg Esparza


Prosecutors withheld exculpatory evidence;

A witness stated that he thought a previous altercation, not with Mr. Esparza, might have lead to the crime, This information was withheld from the defense.

More than one witness described the person who committed the crime as a white man, 6 feet tall, 180 lbs, mid 30's. Mr. Esparza is Latino and did not meet that description. This information was also withheld from defense. This witness changed his description at trial.

Jailhouse Snitch Testimony was used at trial; this is commonly known to lead to wrongful convictions.

When you consider the above;

The indictment against Esparza charged him with aggravated murder, but it did not specify he was the “principal offender, The indictment did not charge the aggravating circumstance that made the crime capital, nor did the trial court instruct the jury on the subject, nor did the jury return a verdict finding one or more of the aggravating circumstances that permit a sentence of death.”. That violated Esparza‘s constitutional right to due process and provisions designed to make capital punishment laws comply with the Eighth Amendment.

The courts had also found that trial defense counsel were "grossly unprepared" for the mitigation phase of the trial and "the failure of defense counsel to investigate Esparza's background was both objectively unreasonable and prejudicial." 

A federal appeals court along with the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, have said that Gregory Esparza should not be executed. The issues that lead to those rulings have since been overturned and termed “harmless error”, yet could still lead to execution.



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