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Q; I can't find information about an inmate / I found their page but no information is listed.

A; Not all inmates wish to have an online presence or information posted. Possibly, they may not have found the resources to do so. This is a new effort and it will take time to build that information or contact each inmate to offer them a free page here. All work on this blog is done on a volunteer basis as time and funds allow.

Q; I found their page but I have questions.

A;We are not able to verify inmate information. Some of the information posted has been found during web searches and is offered in a networking, data building, or education effort. In most cases we can not provide additional information and suggest you contact the inmate directly.  The prison they are housed at is the same address you would use to write to them, but make sure you include their inmate number and a return address to make sure your message is delivered. Many times they do not have the resources for postage. They can receive three postage embossed envelopes within a letter. You can purchase these at your local post office or online at USPS   (They can only receive three at a time.)
Helpful tips on sending inmate funds, emails, phone calls etc, can be found here;
  • Getting Inmate Information Posted
Q: How does an inmate get information posted if they don't already have an Internet page, etc? What does it cost? How can I help?

A; The answer to that is both easy and hard, but needs to be broken down depending on what type of information they wish to have posted. Case information, Petitions, Pen Pal Request, Etc. There is no cost, but we please ask, that you remember that this is done on a volunteer basis with possible time constraints. You can help by sharing this information with an inmate, becoming an outside support person for an inmate, directly providing an inmate with postage supplies, or donating postage material to this blog at the address below.

  • For Posting Case Information, Claims of Possible Innocence, Etc:

Information that will be needed.

  1. Written letter from the inmate giving permission to post information on this blog.
  2. Case synopsis that either they have written or has been prepared for them.
  3. Copies of documents (send copies not originals) that might back up their claims if they have them. If they don't, we may be able to find online.
  4. Attorney information;
  5. Post online; Yes No
  6. Outside contact information if any;
  7. Post online; Yes No
  8. Case number;
  9. Appeal decisions, dates, number if any;
  10. How would you classify your case, ie - innocent, improper sentencing, etc.;

We are not able to write case synopses, but you are welcome to contact us if you need help or suggestions on where to get help with this matter. Many times this has been done once they start their appeals. If they already have outside support, Internet, pen pal pages, petitions, etc, they can send links so that we may help in a networking effort.

  • For Posting Pen Pal Information:

Remember, this is your/their page to design, how do you want your page to read?
Some information that they might include, but not required;

Picture; see note below.
Birth date;
Eye color;
Hair color;
Past work;
Language preferred;
Postage embossed envelope needed; yes no
Willing to accept international mail; yes no
Desires Post Cards only; yes no
What type of Pen Pal they are seeking: ie; friends, relationship, men, women, straight, bi, case support, post cards only, etc.

Pictures will be returned once posted to your page.
If you do not have a picture we will use the DOC one.
Mailing address for blog found at the bottom of this page.


  •  Inmate Families, Please Share This With Your Family Member 
If you are on Ohio's death row, you already have a page here on this website reserved in your name for you to utilize.
IE; case information, penpal request, poetry, etc, or a combination of those.

At this time your page only contains your name and inmate number.
The exception to this would be if we have found a website, pen pal page, petition, already being hosted online in your name, which we then post a link to. You are welcome to direct us to information that you may already have online.
If you are an inmate with a scheduled date; clemency actions, petitions, and email campaign requests, are automatically posted on your page and a number of other pages once those items become available online. If you would like to submit information-Mailing address for blog found at the bottom of this page.


  • Posting Your own Information

Q; I work with an inmate and we'd like to post our own information on the Internet.
Do you have any tips on this subject?

A; This free website tool has been recommended.
There are many free web site hosting services. I'm not familiar with too many, but I have found the above one easy to use, and the builder is kept online so you can access it from any computer.
If and when you do, perhaps you would let us know so that we may link to what you have posted in a networking effort.


  • What we won't or can't, post or provide:

We reserve the right to limit what is posted if there may be concerns that the information is inflammatory, derogatory or hurtful in nature.

Requests for funds;
The only exception to this would be if an inmate has a defense fund set up in their name and is managed by his outside support system, which would then be posted on their page on this blog only.

Material items;
We will not post requests for televisions, typewriters, CD players, radios, or anything of a personal use type item.
We may consider posting requests of items that may benefit a group of men, or the whole of death row.
We will post whether or not an inmate needs a postage embossed envelope in order to facilitate pen pal replies.

Legal Materials;
We can not copy and send court records, trial transcripts, appeals, decisions, etc.
These are items that should be provided either by their outside support system if they have one, or their defense team.

  • Clemency Petitions
Q; I know an inmate has an execution date but I can't find an online petition for that person.

A; Many times clemency petitions aren't written until after an inmates clemency hearing so that the petition may cover an area that is felt needs more review by the Governor.
Usually they are written by the organizations OTSE or IJPC 
We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their work on behalf of the death row inmates and families. You might want to check with them on whether or not they will be assisting, as the saying goes; Never assume.
Consider subscribing to their email list program if this is an area of interest and you wish to be kept updated on current actions. These lists are not shared.
You might also check this page for more information or resources.


Q; There's a page for the executed, what what about remembering the victims?

A; The victims deserve remembrance and we would love to have a page for that also, but we would not do so without the family input. If you are a family member that would like to have a page here for that purpose please send information or links to existing pages to:
Links for victim support can also be found on the link sidebar of each page.

  •  Reporting Inappropriate Post, Link, or Broken Links:
Q; I think a link or post is inappropriate, unauthorized, or not a working link. How do I report it?
 A; Email Us 
We will do our best to address and hopefully resolve your concerns.

•Link and Information Suggestions:

Q; I'd like to offer a link, site suggestion, or resource link that is already on the Internet.

A; You can send suggestions by  EMAIL
Your help in building this data base is appreciated and welcomed. We reserve the right to limit what is posted if there may be concerns that the information is inflammatory, derogatory or hurtful in nature.

General Ohio death penalty news articles can be posted here
but please check to see if it might have been posted already.

If an article pertains to a particular Ohio death row inmate they can be posted here
Don't see their name listed? Start a new thread in that area.

  • All of the above information or questions can be directed to the below;

Contact Information:

Ohio's Death Row Blog
C/O 530 S. Alma School Rd. #102
Mesa Az. 85210


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Vince Wolpert for his donation of computer equipment, time, energy, IT services,  Omar Kurtz for the new monitor, and an Ohio family who wish to remain anonymous  for a new printer to this project.

  • You are welcome to link to this blog:
Ohio's Death Row


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